Mittwoch, 18. Januar 2012

Fix Error in Adobe Premiere CS4 / CS5: PProHeadless.exe has stopped working

Fix the error in Adobe Premiere CS4 and CS5:PProHeadless.exe has stopped working 

orPProHeadless.exe has caused an error


The rendering stopped in couple of minutes. After start the Adobe Media Encoder CS4 / CS5 crashed with Popup "PProHeadless.exe has stopped working" or "PProHeadless.exe has caused an error".

Solution witch this patches:

1.  Close the error popup-window and Media Encoder CS4 /CS5
2.  Click Edit-Preference > General > Audio Hardware > ASIO Settings Click on 'Output' tab and inscrease the ASIO memory buffer to 4096 and selected "32 bit"

3.  Click Edit-Preference >General > Media > Clear Media Cache
4.  Click Edit-Preference > General > Check Optimize the render : MEMORY

5.  Open  "C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp" and delete the folder content
6.  Close Abdobe Premiere CS5 / CS5, and maybe restart Windows
7.  When you start render Media Encoder CS4 /CS5 again, minimize background processes or other programs (e.g. scanning anti virus) and close tabs in your Premiere project files

8. ready

Tip: Optimize Premiere, small Tutorial Premiere

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