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Dienstag, 16. Februar 2016

Optimize and performance for Adobe Premiere C4 -CC

Problems and crashes, slowly renderings/ exports
First, the GPU and CPU working together during the renderings! It depends on your footage and your effects. There no 100% CPU power, when you have GTX cards!

1. make sure your GTX card is active in your project
2. your energy setting is set on high power   

is good when:
3. install the Premiere on C Drive, more the 40% free  space, SSD
4. your Premiere Project must be on separate drive
5. you cache files put on an another drive, and export files, too (or an quick USB 3 drive) result is: more then three drives for you work, raid 5 system...
6. defrag your drives, perhaps with O&O defrag program 
7. Proof you drives with tools

1. clean your timeline, delete your unuse /unshown sequences or deactivate  and Preference> Optimized for rendering > Memory !
2. Media Cache clean :  Prefernce > Medien > Media Cache clean 3. Delete Temp  C:\Users\mein_profil_name\AppData\Local\Temp 4. Services deactive,  z.B. antivir (Autoscan), window search, automatic Defrag, u.a. 5. Energy /- options: set on high 6. AMD Processor / - Board: deactive AMD Cool and Quiet  8. Save huge projects in different names 9. Cleaning tools for Windows  (ccleaner, Tune up) 10. automatic save: preference > Save  5 min.  11. Update Grafic and BIOS Software and QuickTime  12. Update Adobe and Windows  14. Error pproheadless.exe Fehler: tutorial pproheadless

HARDWARE - Grafic Card / Memory
1. use GTX Cards, unlist cards by unlock an cuda_supported cards.txt: Studio1 unlock cards
2. Memory system setting in Windows, virtual Memory on, set permanent 1,5 x your memory size

use 7200 rpm drives 
RAID 5 System

HARDWARE - Prozessor
use more then two cores, best performence with i7 processors
Good luck 


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